PLEASE NOTE: The new Biosecurity (NLIS) Regulation will come into effect by June 2017 and will require that show organisers record livestock attendance at shows. This is an increase in responsibility for show committees and DPI will work with the ASC to help shows comply. - Click Here for DPI Letter dated 20th September 2017

General Biosecurity Duty Flyer

NLIS Transfer Forms 

Please complete the NLIS forms applicable to your show and forward to Nicky Seeto, ASC Office at:-   or   fax 02 9879 6043

NLIS form Cattle MB movements to and from show

NLIS form Sheep & Goats MB movements to and from show


ASC OF NSW Livestock Biosecurity Handbook - March 2018

 ASC of NSW Livestock Biosecurity - Infomation Handbook March 2018

Presentations regarding Biosecurity from the Country Shows Seminar in August 2015

Bio Security For Your Show - Louise Pearce

Bio Security Presentation - David Peters


Recent DPI Paperwork

Overview Biosecurity Act 2015

Key Questions and Answers


How to obtain a PIC number

It is a requirement in NSW for owners of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs to have a Property Identification Code (PIC) when trading or moving these livestock.

A PIC is a unique eight-character number assigned by Local Land Services to properties with livestock. This property registration system allows for the tracing of livestock to assist with disease and chemical residue management.

To obtain a PIC you must complete an application form and lodge it with your Local Land Services office.


Current Health Declaration Forms (as at October 2016)

Understanding the Cattle Health Declaration and why you need to use it. - CLICK HERE

For information on Dairy Point Scores

Recommendations to Shows Conducting Cattle Competitions: Measures to Minimise Risks of BVDV Transmission in Show Cattle

To protect our stud breeders and the integrity of country shows the Guidelines in this document will come into effect on 1 January 2013.       Click Here


Please see below regarding BJD changes

The link to the BJD changes are at:


The new ‘tools’ including the Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS) are here:



For information on Hendra Virus please click on the fact sheets below for current information

Fact Sheet on the Hendra Virus

Biosecurity Guidelines for Horse Events



NLIS Procedures for Show Committees - Part 1
NLIS Procedures for Show Committees - Part 2
NLIS Procedures for Show Committees - Part 3



NLIS Ltd has just released a new electronic version of the NLIS Database User Guide for Sporting events, Transit centres and Live Exporters (January 2016) ONLINE! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE NEW GUIDE

If you would like a printed copy, please check (and if necessary, update) your NLIS Database account details by logging on to the NLIS Database and following the ‘Change account details’ instructions in the new guide. If you need to update your postal address, contact the NLIS Database Helpdesk for assistance (by phone on 1800 654 743 or via email at: ). A printed guide will then be posted to you on request.

NLIS Cattle: Guidelines for NSW shows and sporting events (Updated August 2017)

This publication provides guidelines to agricultural shows, sporting events and their committees about the preferred methods for uploading information to the NLIS database for cattle exhibited and competing at NSW shows and sporting events. This guideline also advises show societies how to treat cattle which are exhibited and sold to abattoirs in ‘hoof and hook’ events. CLICK HERE

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