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Who Are We?!

The ASC of NSW Next Generation is the youthful extension of the Agricultural Societies Council, dedicated to facilitating the engagement of youth for the positive progression of NSW agricultural shows.
We are passionate, agriculturally-focused, enthusiastic, young professionals that are committed to our goals and can to throw a cracking social event! We aim for our members to see the ASGNG as an inclusive and trusting group with exciting opportunities for all.

What Do We Do?

  •  Facilitate the engagement of youth in NSW agricultural shows
  •  Provide a support network for youth involved in their local agricultural shows
  •  Promote Australian agricultural industries through agricultural shows and provide avenues for youth to access the best in their agricultural industries.
  • Educate the general public on country shows and agriculture
  • Host fantastic social events such as the ShowAll Rural Ball, Northern Cocktail Ball and member networking weekends.
  • Provide opportunities for members to participate in personal and professional training and development programs
  • Provide members with networking and scholarship programs
  • Who Do We Want? You!
    18-35 years olds from NSW who have a passion for agriculture and are enthusiastic
    about agricultural shows and youth involvement.

When Do We Want It? Now!
For more information and a membership form please contact the secretary at info@ascnextgen.com.au



The ASC Next Generation Scholarship Fund can be applied by any member of ASC Next Generation, so long as the member is between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age. Membership with ASC Next Generation is free, so long as the applicant is already a member of their agricultural show. Your completed scholarship application form must be received by the Secretary prior to nomination for an ASC Next Generation Scholarship.


The ASC Next Generation Scholarship Fund is open for application for any event, development program or initiative so long as it adheres to the following guidelines:

  • That attending the event or development program will directly benefit agricultural shows or the next generation in agricultural shows;
  • The education or opportunity gained from attending will heighten the applicants knowledge or opportunities within a given section that relates to agricultural shows in a broad sense;
  • The initiative presented will directly benefit the applicants agricultural show or the next generation of the applicants agricultural show;
  • That heightened involvement or contribution to agricultural shows will arise by way of accessing the ASC Next Generation Scholarship funds.

Examples of ASC Next Generation Scholarship Funds include:

  • ASC Next Generation Forum;
  • Queensland Shows “Sustainability and Innovation in Agricultural Societies” conference;
  • RASC bi-annual conference;
  • Primary Industry Education conferences;
  • Funds to facilitate a development opportunity within you Group of Show Societies or local show society, such as a junior judging school or a stewarding school.

How Much

The value of the scholarship fund is open and relative to the requirements to access or facilitate that within the application. The value of the scholarship application needs to be justified in the application. The Executive Committee of the ASC Next Generation reserves the right to approve any percentage of the funds applied for.

From time to time, the ASC Next Generation will open a specific scholarship opportunity up to all members. The nature of this scholarship opportunity has a high direct relevance to the agricultural show movement and the next generation component of the agricultural show movement. When released, the ASC Next Generation may or may not put a specific figure on the value of the scholarship fund. Members will be notified via email of these scholarship opportunities when they arise.

How to Apply

An application will only be considered by the ASC Next Generation if the correct application form has been fully completed and signed by the applicant. Application forms are available by clicking here as well as by contacting the Secretary via email.

Approval of Scholarship

In instances where there is a specific scholarship on offer with a nominated closing date for nominations, the ASC Next Generation will notify the applicant via email in they were successful no later than two weeks following the closing application date.

In instances where an applicant applies for an individual scholarship outside those nominated by the ASC Next Generation, the applicant will be notified following the scheduled monthly committee meeting of the ASC Next Generation.

The ASC Next Generation reserves the right to approve any component or sum of an induvial application. Approval will be based on the value of the application, the involvement of the applicant in show societies or the next generation movement and how the applicant aims to benefit the show movement through their participation or initiative.

Who to contact

Applications for the ASC Next Generation Scholarship Fund or questions regarding the fund need to be lodged with the Secretary of the ASC Next Generation via email at ascnextgen@agshowsnsw.org.au

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