Cootamundra Show

Sat 20th October 2018

Friday 20th and Saturday 21th October

Timetable of Events

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8.30 am

Pavilion open to receive entries

9.30 am

Young Judges Competition commences – Grain, Fleece, Merino and Meat Breed Sheep, Fruit and Vegetables

11.00 am

Pavilion closes for judging

1.30 pm

Beef Cattle Junior Judging and Junior Beef Program commences





7.30 am

Cootamundra Yard Dog Trials commence

8.30 am

Horse Ring events commence

9.00 am

Office opens

Entries taken for the Pet Show, Junior & Little Miss Showgirls and

Master Stockman

9.00 am

Commercial exhibits and Pavilions open

9.00 am

Side Shows & Rides open and operate throughout the day, through to the Night Show

9.00 am

Poultry Judging and Beef Cattle Judging

9.30 am

Merino and Prime Lamb and Heritage Breeds Judging

10.00 am

Shearing Competition Registration

11.00 am

Speed Shear Competition commences

11.00 am

Murphy’s Puppet Theatre entertainment (near Ned Steiger Pavilion)

12 noon

Official Opening of the Multipurpose Shed (near Colin Munro Pavilion)

1.00 pm

Entries close for Junior & Little Miss Showgirls and Master Stockman


Drumming Entertainment Truck Stage

2.00 pm

Murphy’s Puppet Theatre

2.00 pm

Judging commences Miss Junior Showgirl (near office)

2.30 pm

Judging commences Little Miss Showgirl (near office)

2.15 pm

Crack Up Sisters entertainment (near Ned Steiger Pavilion)

3.00 pm

Judging commences Master Stockman

3.30 pm

Opening of Show and Auctioneering Display

3.40 pm

Presentation of Little Miss, Junior Cootamundra Showgirl and Master Stockman

4.00 pm

Drumming Entertainment Truck Stage

4.15 pm

Pet Show

5.30 pm

Crack Up Sisters (near Ned Steiger Pavilion)

5.45 pm

Murphy’s Puppet Theatre

6.00 pm

Young Farmers Challenge

6.30 pm

Drumming Entertainment Truck Stage

7.00 pm

Crack Up Sisters (near Ned Steiger Pavilion)

7.00 pm

Pavilion Closed

7.20 pm

Pavilion entries to be collected

8.00 pm


9.30 pm


A full program of entertainment will be displayed on the day of the Show and on the Cootamundra Show Facebook page.

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