1. Volunteer Handbook (Fillable)
  2. Volunteer Procedure
  3. Volunteer Induction Checklist
  4. Volunteer Registration Form (Fillable)
  5. Volunteer Sign On/Off Form (Fillable) 

The NSW Volunteer Charter is Here

In response to consultation with the sector and recommendations made by the NSW Volunteering Taskforce in 2022, the NSW Government has developed the NSW Volunteer Charter. This is in alignment with the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030.

A landmark initiative, the NSW Volunteer Charter establishes a standard code of conduct that promotes good behaviour and quality practice for volunteer-involving organisations. It provides clear direction for cultivating best practice, good communication and positive relationships.

The NSW Volunteer Charter consists of 10 guiding principles, complemented by a NSW Volunteer Charter 'Companion Document' with practical guidance on implementation, nurturing improved capacity for the sector and volunteering journeys.

A free resource flexible to your unique circumstances, the NSW Volunteer Charter is an important milestone for the state, and the sector as a whole.

You can learn more about and download the NSW Volunteer Charter.

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