The ASC wishes to thank ClubsNSW as a sponsor of the Group Finals of the Young Judging and Parading Competitions. 


Once a competitor has qualified to represent a Group at Sydney Royal Show in any one of the Judging or Parading Competition State Finals, he/she may not enter another Group Final as a potential qualifier in that type of competition WITHIN THAT COMPETITION YEAR.  He/She can, however, enter any one or more Group Finals anywhere in the state, for practice (and score), in the same type of competition as one in which he/she has previously qualified as long as he/she discloses this to the Group Final organizers at the time of entry and indicates that he/she is not eligible for a placing in that event. (“qualified” means First in Merino Sheep, First or Second in Meat Breeds Sheep, Merino Fleece and Beef Cattle, and First, Second or Third in Dairy Cattle, Fruit and Vegetables and Grain. The Stud Merino Breeders Association competitions in Merino Sheep Judging at Armidale, Canberra and Dubbo are classed as Group Finals. Beef Paraders as per scaling system.)


Handbook for Agriculture Teachers - Competitions 

2017/2018 Judging Competition times & dates sorted by GROUP - CLICK HERE

Group Final Result Sheets  CLICK HERE

(see below under State Finals for the Sydney Royal entry forms)


Beef Cattle Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW
Beef Cattle Paraders Instruction Sheets - NSW
Dairy Cattle Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW
Merino Sheep Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW
Merino Fleece Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW (please note there is a decrease in the visual time allowed per fleece to 4 min)
Meat Breeds Sheep Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW
Grain Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW
Fruit & Vegetable Judging Instruction Sheets - NSW



Wool Article/Garment Regulations - Updated February 2017

Rich Fruit Cake Recipe & Instructions - Updated February 2018


Computer Scoring Program for Judging Competitions - This program caters for up to 200 entrants.  Please email for a copy of it.

Merino Fleece Judging - Top & Noil

Please be aware it is most important that all entrants in the Merino Fleece Judging Competition are fully conversant with the Top and Noil "Scale of Points for Fleece Judging". CLICK HERE to download.

Eligibility To Compete at State Finals In Sydney

Please note you must qualify through a Group Finals to be eligible to compete at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Note: Merino Sheep Competitors - Stud Merino Breeders Association's events at Dubbo, Canberra and Armidale are classified as group finals.

Please note the changed eligibility rule (b) noted on the Judging Instruction Sheets under the 'Rules and Regulations' Button.


State Finals

The 2019 State Finals of the Judging Competitions will be held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

All Judging Competitions are located on the one form (see below) Please complete one (1) form per competition. The only competitions with separate forms are (Beef Paraders, Wool Article / Garment & Rich Fruit Cake)

2019 Sydney Royal Entry Forms - will be available in the coming months

General Judging Competition entry form

Beef Parader entry form

Wool Article Garment entry form

Rich Fruit Cake entry form

For more information on Judging Competitions:

For more information on Parading Competitions:


Beef Cattle Parader (F002) TBC Cattle Lawns
Meat Breeds Sheep Judging TBC Sheep Pavilion (Cox)

Beef Cattle Judging


Cattle Lawns 

Merino Sheep Judging TBC Sheep Pavilion (Cox)
Merino Fleece Judging TBC Sheep Pavilion (Upstairs Cox)
Grain Judging TBC Flower & Garden Pavilion (Southee)
Fruit & Vegetable Judging TBC Flower & Garden Paviion (Southee)

Dairy Paraders 


Cattle Lawns

Dairy Cattle Judging TBC Cattle Lawns





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